How to increase survival rating in PUBG Mobile?

A sufficient amount of survival duration, support to teammates, and optimum utilization of resources can help increase the survival rating in PUBG Mobile.


A sufficient amount of survival duration, support to your teammates, optimum utilization of available in-game resources, and a great strategy can help anyone increase their survival rating in PUBG Mobile (PUBGM).

Here's some good news for rank pushers to increase their ranks easily in PUBGM. Today, we will tell you what is survival rating, how it works, and how to get more survival ratings inside the game.

Your total rating depends more heavily on your survival ratings than your kill ratings.

What is the Survival Rating?

As we all know, PUBGM is more like a survival game rather than a killing game. Players ought to survive the maximum inside the game. Survival rating is the points awarded to the players for being able to survive in the game.

6 Ways to Increase Survival Rating in PUBG Mobile

The game's AI gives you the survival rating and there is not much information related to how PUBG Mobile rates the player's performance. However, we will tell you some ways you can definitely use to increase your survival rating.

Drop as soon as the jump button appears

Your survival rating is a sum of points that you have survived in the match. In the bigger 8km x 8km maps like Erangel and Miramar, the plane path lasts for about  1 minute to 1.30 minutes. So, if you drop as early as you possibly can from the flight, you will get an additional 1 minute(s) survival in your overall survival for that match. With that extra 1 minute survival, you can get some additional survival rating added to your total rating. Try this once with your teammate.

Let one of your drop down as soon as the jump button is visible and let another drop at the end of the flight path. Later on, die together or else get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner victory. Then, compare your survival rating with your friend. Remember, both of you must be in the same tier/rank. You will find that the rating of one of you is greater and the others' is less. Therefore, ejecting from the plane as near as you can increases your survival rating.

Survive for as long as it is possible

This tip is something like if you want to eat, you must open your mouth. And yes, this is true. You won't get anything for free. If you want to increase your survival rating as a whole per match, you must increase your average survival in every match you play. Here it comes to a single point that if you get more money, you become richer. Similarly, if you survive more, you get more survival points.

So, how do you survive longer? Try a passive approach for the first half of the game. Yes, dropping immediately is one of the factors that helps to increase survival points, however, try to drop in such places where you are less contested. And yes, avoid hot drops such as Pochinki, Military Base, or Georgopool because you never know what your fate is for the match. There is always a 50-50 probability of an event happening. You could drop down and receive double-digit kills. But you may also get killed, right?

Avoid playing matches with lower-ranked players

When you go in a competition with someone of your level against someone of the same or higher level, you gain more experience and more skills. Everyone will tell you you had more energy. This is going to be because the opponent was of your level and you played your best to defeat them. So, your points are going to be increased more.   

The same thing is here with the survival rating. Some PUBGM players team up with lower-ranked players in their lobby and try eating every match chicken dinner as they would be matched with lower-ranked players. However, if you are willing to increase your survival rating then, you must play with your teammates who are of the same tier/rank. This is not said officially but it is a matter of common sense which I did explain in the above paragraph.

Make maximum use of medicines

Make maximum use of medicines

This is an important and dominating tip in the overall tips we shared with you above. Using healings and meds will prove that you have taken fights against opponents, conquered the fight, and survived so far. It doesn't matter how you deduct your health points: by fighting, by taking zone damage, by getting knocked, or by jumping off a moving vehicle.

What matters is that health is restored. You've got to heal up yourself and take those fights (recommended). We would suggest using Med Kits and Adrenaline Syringes more because those are a little rare in classic-mode matches.

Loot Every Possible Air Drops

Loot every possible air drops

Ever wondered, why do you not get that 100 rating in the game but your teammates constantly keep getting that? It is PUBGM that rates your rating as a whole. Adding this point into increasing survival rating in the games is that this is an underestimated fact shown by the snake players inside the game. Those prone-to-prone players inside the game tend not to open any classic Air Drops inside the game. We would suggest opening at least 1 classic Airdrop in the match. Yes, you need to open the AirDrop, not loot it. You need to be the first one to take the first item off from the AirDrop.

We suggest watching this video for proof of all the above-mentioned points. This post is inspired by the YouTube video attached below.

Concluding, we would say increasing survival ratings is an easy task if you are willing to take the fights. It doesn't make sense to add a kill rating with the survival rating inside this guide. Indeed, it is a fact that survival rating is also affected by how much damage you take. For this reason, players tend to take the play-zone damage and restore their lost help. This tip might also help you to increase your survival rating in PUBG Mobile.

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