How to increase kill rating in PUBG Mobile?

A tremendous amount of kills, proper utilization of available guns, and dishing out maximum damages can help any player to increase their kill rating in PUBG Mobile quickly.


Tremendous amounts of kills, proper utilization of available guns, and dishing out maximum damages can help any player to increase their kill rating in PUBG Mobile quickly.

Getting Kills is a prime factor for some players in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Though they get a lot of kills in every single match, their kill rating doesn't see much boost. Well, that's not because of your fault. It is because of your luck. I said it's luck because your damage-to-kill ratio might be less than average. Ultimately this means you might have killed the bots, or wiped a full squad dealing just 400 damage.

At the end of this article, you will be a Weapon Master securing most of the kills by yourself!

Though PUBG Mobile is a game of survival, kills matter in every match. It does not matter if you survive till the end of a match and get killed at the #2 position with 0 kills. Everybody will call you a noob and snake-master! If you don't care what others call you and still want to get more survival ratings in every match, click here to learn: "How to increase your survival rating in PUBG Mobile?".

Today, in this article, we will tell you some tips that will help you to increase your kill rating for sure! So stick with this article. 

What is the Kill Rating in PUBG Mobile?

Some call PUBG Mobile to be a survival game whereas some say it to be a kill-scoring game. In the battleground of India, 100 players including you, drop down into the maps that range from 2km to 8km long. It is up to you how many enemies you spot, knock and finish. Kill Rating is the points given to your performance measured on the basis of kills you scored in one match, compared to your average performance.

5 Ways to Increase Kill Rating in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile officials have not publicly shared their rating system, so we are unable to guide you perfectly. But, we guarantee these tips will help you to increase your kill rating in every match.

Use different weapons to kill different enemies

You have different categories of weapons in PUBG Mobile. Arranging the weapons from close to long combat range, they are Fist, Melee, Vehicles, SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns), Throwables, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. 

These weapons are available in the game for their perfect use. One who can use all of these weapons in the same match and get many kills, that player is said to be the weapon master. And, this is an important tip to increase your kill rating. 

If you use the same gun combination, for example: AKM + M416, the algorithm of the game understands that you might not be able to use the other weapons perfectly. So, it might not give your expected kill rating. 

We suggest you use gun combination of Assault Rifle + Sniper Rifles or SMG + Sniper Rifles. Using any of these combos, you will be able to secure kills in all ranges.

Why not try this tip once in the game and compare your results with your previous results?

Kill enemies in every range

There are mainly three different ranges in PUBG Mobile when you want to get kills. This range is defined between you and your enemy. One is close combat range that covers precisely 1 meter to 80 meters distance. The mid-range covers 80 meters to 250 meters. And, the long-range covers distances exceeding 250 meters.

In a battleground, players will have to be adaptive. In different situations, they should be able to use different weapons. 

We included this point in increasing the kill rating as it directly represents your weapon mastery. For this, your enemy spotting level should be high.

Instantly finish an enemy when you knock one

This point is crucial. Do not let your kill be stolen.

In an intense conqueror fight, you might want to save your kills or else they could be stolen. Additionally, finishing an enemy right after knocking them down increases your total damage dealt.

The total damage dealt in one match will definitely increase your kill rating. Do you remember I told you it was your luck that didn't give you enough rating? That's because PUBG Mobile doesn't know whether you killed a bot or real enemies. The only way it knows this is by seeing your damage. If your damage dealt and kills ratio is higher then the possibility of increased kill rating is greater. 

Do you know why people see average damage statistics before taking you into a clan? Because this exactly shows what kind of lobby you are facing and how many fights do you get involved in! Now onwards, finish the enemy when you knock them.

Deal as much damage as possible

As we discussed in the previous tip, damage speaks to your fighting ability. Here is some additional information regarding how you can increase your damage.

When you knock an enemy you deal 100 damage (if the enemy has full health) and when you finish instantly you deal an extra 100 damage. In total, you can get 200 damage from a single enemy.

Moreover, you must not fear taking fights. Whenever you see an enemy crossing by and you have your teammates' support, don't fear taking shots at them. Though you might not get the kill, you will be increasing your damage stats in the match.

Kill more enemies than your average KD ratio

Nobody pays you high for your average performance. You won't come into the spotlight until you show some decent skills. In PUBG Mobile, your average kills per match would also determine the kill rating. 

For example: if a person having 1 KD gets 10 kills in one single match, his kill rating will get a tremendous boost. On the other hand, if a person having 10 KD gets 10 kills in one match, his kill rating won't increase much.

What is the K/D ratio in PUBG Mobile?

So, you always need to show an extraordinary performance in the battleground. We discussed dealing with the damage to get it increased more. Overall, you will need kills because that's what you are being rated for.

The following video is prepared by Riggs Gaming on YouTube and guides players through 7 tips to increase the Kill to Death Ratio quickly. We assure you that this will help you to increase your Kill Rating in the game as well because it satisfies every other step mentioned above.

I hope these five tips will help you increase your kill rating in every single match. Lastly, have faith in yourself, build confidence, and push every squad you see. But, have strategies to push the squad. Don't blindly push them.

Maybe because of that blind push, you might die. Then your kill rating for that match would decrease if you had 0 kills. Finally, your net kill rating would be negative. 

Push the enemies tactically and conquer every fight.

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