KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile: Everything you need to know

To have high KD ratio in PUBG Mobile, we need to know what it actually means and how it is calculated.


KD ratio in PUBG Mobile is the mathematical ratio of the number of kills to the number of matches played by a player.

Everyone keeps talking about the KD ratio in PUBG Mobile. A player with a high KD is considered better than a player with a relatively low KD.

To have a high KD ratio in PUBG Mobile, one needs to know what it means and how it is calculated. In this post, we will learn about it.

Overview of KD Ratio

Besides survival, the aim of every PUBG Mobile player in the game is to get a tremendous amount of kills. In a lobby of 100 players, one could potentially kill 96 players in squad mode, 98 in duo mode, and 99 in solo mode. However, that is possible only theoretically and cannot be implemented practically, unless one has his/her hands over the system and server. In fact, the number of kills one score in every match doesn't remain constant and cannot be predicted.  But what remains constant is the average kill-to-death ratio or KD.

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What is the KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile?

The full form of KD is Kill to Death. It is the mathematical ratio of the total number of kills secured by a player to the total number of matches played. See the image below to understand it mathematically.

KD Ratio = Kills/Matches
KD Ratio = Kills/Matches


The calculation depends on numerous factors. The settings of matches is crucial in determining the KD ratio. Here is what the KD ratio depends upon:

  • The primary factor is kills. The more enemies you kill, the higher will be your KD ratio.
  • TPP or FPP. The KD ratio is calculated separately for Third Person Perspective matches and First Person Perspective.
  • Solo, Duo or Squad. Each game mode counts the KD ratio distinctly. The amount of kills you get in a Duo match has nothing to do with your KD ratio in Solo or Squad matches.
  • Server. Though changing servers is difficult nowadays, previously players used to keep on changing servers to complete missions. Different servers keep different statistics.

For example: The KD ratio will be calculated separately for TPP Duo matches in the Asia server while it will be calculated separately for FPP Duo matches in the Asia server. If you ever saw your KD ratio remaining constant, you should probably check the above-mentioned aspects.

KD Ratio: Then Vs Now

With the 0.18.0 update and the release of Season 13, PUBG MOBILE officials had brought a massive change to their way of rating the KD ratio that would result in a decrease in the KD of numerous players.

After the update, nobody would have a KD ratio of more than 20, on average, unless one is a hacker. The new KD system would rate your KD ratio using the following mathematical formula

Kill to Death Ratio (KD) = Kills / Matches Played

Before this update, the meaning of KD was the same but its implementation was different. It used to be:

Kill to Death Ratio (KD) = Kills / Deaths

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My secret to maintaining a high KD is playing the Ranked battles towards the end of the season. Due to a tier reset, I end up being in a lower league. When everyone climbs higher in ranks, I dominate the Ranked modes in lower leagues. Finally, I reach a higher KD (at least, better than my average) towards the end of the season. Let me know how you maintain your KD in each season!
Feb 16